About us

The LAX Europa GmbH is a german company, which set its target to manufacture Speaker Systems with highest possible quality and efficiency. To do so there are fundamental cornerstones of development:

Efficiency. We like efficiency:
The research for higher efficiency is a central part at LAX Europa, because most of the speaker systems alter electrical energy to mechanic energy only at a rate of approximately 2 to 5 %. The rest is lost in heat, which causes unwanted effects in the cabinet like, for example, power compression. That is why there is a high potential to save energy and develop more efficiency. The advantages resulting from our research and  therefor improved speakers are clear. More compact systems with higher performance and on top of that we help to lower the environmental burden due to less power consumption.

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Sound and optimization:
For us  the DSP is an integral part of the speaker system. The system consists of three components: Speaker, amplifier, and DSP. Those three are building one unit and should match each other. That is the only way to enable highest quality in audio reproduction. To do so, we use our own controllers and DSPs, which allows us to use FIR Filters but also to access them. Furthermore we put high value in group delays in the crossover frequencies to essentially improve the quality of signal resolution.


Data and measurements:
We measure with MLSSA systems from conviction. Only this way we can provide real and correct data for our customers. This offers us a particulary precise method to measure and develop speaker systems. Due to the measurement against time, we are able to set group delays in our presets. We do not believe in calculated values and data, because hypothetic suggestions do not help the system engineer at all. Only real facts will help to set up a system in optimum condition and to use its full performance.

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LAX offers impressive, precise sound, tremendous pressure and solutions that meet the critical requirements of professional users and even surpass them. Over 10 different series make LAX the first choice for diverse, demanding sound reinforcement applications in both live sound, as well as fixed installations.

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