We use the very latest, industry-standard testing equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. Our newly installed Sound Check system has just gone into operation after months of testing and training. We also use CLIO, and Monkey Forest software, to create precise measurement data.

lax hq testcenter

Our testing center also houses a custom-built emissions testing chamber, a fully soundproof room for testing maximum SPL without harming anyone's ears, and a water chamber for testing our waterproof products (yes, we really can replicate conditions from a light shower, to a huge storm, with heavy, angled rain). We test for heat, moisture and humidity, and even have a chamber designed for testing against dust - because sometimes our products are used on the beach, or in extremely dusty environments. We also do drop testing, and our rigging systems are exhaustively tested to meet the highest European standards.

We didn't compromise when we built an unbelievably large anechoic chamber. Why did we build it so big? Basically, so we can accurately measure sound down to 50Hz. It demonstrates our passion, and shows that we care about professional audio. The anechoic chamber houses an ELF robotic loudspeaker measurement system, for mission-critical accuracy when performing balloon measurements, and creating EASE data, and precise measurement reports.

At LAX it simply comes down to this; we care about the quality, and the customer, and we conceive, design and proudly make our products in China. All this shows our passion for audio products.

lax hq chamber