AR12 Curve Array

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Single 12" Two-Way Bi-Amp Constant Curve Array Speaker


The AR12 is a single 12" two-way bi-amp constant curve array loudspeaker system featuring premium drivers, designed and manufactured in Italy, and an extremely high quality enclosure made from the finest Baltic birch plywood. It is designed to cover the near field for small to medium sound reinforcement applications, side and front fill in a ground-stacked horizontal array.


Applications: Main PA small to mid-sized venues, tour- und theater productions, clubs, multi-purpose halls, front- and side-fill

Normal arrays set up as a cluster: 
Standard Array


The AR Array eliminates interferences, allowing a phase-abiding near field system. This is the special developed "Constant Cuvature Technology", as shown in the graphic below:

AR Array

The advantages of the AR12 are obvious: no overlay and perfect coupling.

That's the secret of success of the AR Curve Array.



  • High quality compression driver with a 1.5" horn throat and a 75 mm (3") aluminium voice coil .
  • The HF drivers provide a much smoother and more transparent high frequency response whilst minimising distortion, especially at high sound pressure levels.
  • The low frequency is handled by a 1 x 12" high output woofer with a 65 mm voice coil, designed and manufactured in Italy by Eighteen Sound ensuring excellent sensitivity and dispersion.
  • The AR12 is designed to operate at very high SPLs and is fully optimised to work more efficiently at lower power levels
  • 22.5° nominal horizontal dispersion allowing up to 360° coverage in a centre array configuration. (22.5° x number of elements in the array = total coverage)
  • 60° asymmetrical vertical dispersion for downward focus (-20°/+40°)
  • Reinforced V-Slot grille reduces internal vibration noise and improves the cabinet resistance.
  • Designed for Houses of worship, touring, sports venues and fixed installation.
  • Recommended for use with T18B-V2, AT218B and WS118B Subwoofers


Technical Specifications

Frequency Response -10dB 45Hz - 20kHz
Frequency Response +/-3dB 50Hz - 18kHz
Dispersion horizontal 22,5° nominal (depending on quantity)
Dispersion vertical 60° dissym. downward focus (-20° / +40°)
Sensitivity (1W/1m) HF: 113dB / MF: 107dB
SPL 133dB (cont.) / 139dB (Peak)
HF Driver

1 x 3" Ferrite / 75mm Voice Coil/ with 1,5" Exit Compression Horn

LF Driver 1 x 12" Neodymium / 65mm Voice Coil
Power (AES) HF: 110W / MF:400W
Nominal Impedance HF: 8Ohm / MF: 8Ohm
Dimensions(B x T x H) 400,5 x 652 x 802mm
Weight 54kg
Cabinet phase reversed
Connectors 2 x Neutrik NL4MP; HF:2+2- / MF:1+1-
Mounting Fly kits for AR12 


Frequency Horizontal   Frequency Vertical   Horizontal   Vertical   Dimensions
AR12 Frequ H   AR12 Frequ V   AR12 horizontal   AR12 vertical   AR12 dimensions klein