LX205PT / LX205WPT

LX205 1

Two-Way 5" Full Range Speaker


The LX range of weather-resistant loudspeakers is designed to be flexible, easy to install, and reliable, and offering both high and low impedance versions.


  • 2-Way full-range cabinet.
  • Single 5" woofer.
  • 90° x 75° dispersion.
  • All-Wettertauglich
  • Constant Power Technic (ELA)

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response -10dB 80Hz - 20kHz
Frequency Response +/-3dB 95Hz - 18kHz
Dispersion 90° / 75°
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 90 dB
HF Driver 1 x 1" Ferrite
LF Driver 1 x 5" Ferrite
Power (AES) 60W
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
Line Voltage Input 70V - 100V compatible Input (30W)
Line Voltage Output 30W Max; 15W, 7,5W optional
Dimensions (B x T x H) 170 x 160 x 285mm
Weight 3kg
Cabinet phase reversed
Connectors Spring Terminal
Cabling Full: 1+1-

1 x Wall Mount


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