AGiLi -T Pro

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Sub-Compact Powered Loudspeaker System


Do you need a good PA with an extreme high resolution? But it should fit in every car? Sometimes you are on the road with a band and sometimes you need a satellite system only?

In this case, we offer the perfect product for you. With all components out of the AGiLi-T series your system becomes the PA you need.
The AGiLiT Pro Set consist of two 12" subs and two 4x4" tops. An amplifier is already installed in the Sub12, so you don’t need nothing more.


  • 2-Way compact design wedge cabinet
  • Single 15“ woofer with optimized low-mid dispersion control
  • 80° x 60° dispersion through a rotatable CD horn
  • 45 Hz - 18 kHz frequency response (@ -10 dB)

Technical Specifications Satellite

Frequenzgang 95Hz - 13kHz
Impedanz 8 Ohm
RMS Leistung 150W
Empfindlichkeit (1W/1m) 95dB
Max SPL 118dB
Flugpunkte 4 (M5)
Anschlüsse Speakon / Phoenix Plug
Maße (B x T x H) 135 x 673 x 140mm
Gewicht 6kg
Mode Passiv

Technical Specifications Subwoofer

Frequenzgang 38Hz - 500Hz
Impedanz 8 Ohm
RMS Leistung 500W
Empfindlichkeit (1W/1m) -
Max SPL 126dB
Flugpunkte -
Anschlüsse XLR / Jack Combo
Maße (B x T x H) 533 x 364 x 482mm
Gewicht 25kg
Mode Aktiv