News: 28 x TERRA 12 Monitors sold to Norway

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28 x TERRA 12 monitors have been sold to Norway. Our Distributor LIVE PRODUCTION, who is responsible for all LAX Europa Sales in
Norway sold some of them and uses them either for his own rental company and also for some installations and customers.

Together with this comes a bigger installation in Norway with LAX Systems.


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News: Some words from Will Norton (Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Led Zepplin)


Will Norton from WillPower Sound & Vision UK had a demo and some words for us.

Please read here what technicians, who toured with major bands, think about our systems.


 Lighting Resources Ltd, our distributors for UK and Ireland did a demo for Will Norton from Will Power Sound & Vision UK, a couple of weeks ago. They presented the AT108 + ATL15B, U Series, CK Series and some amplifiers and DSPs. After that demo they asked Will to write some honest words as feedback, and that is what he did.

But before we start with his comment, here are some background information about Will:
Will has been in the industry all his life and had gigged and toured with some of the biggest names in the business including the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Frank Zappa, The lightning Seeds and loads loads more. Willpower has been providing Sound, Lighting and Visual solutions for over 25 years. They believe this experience helps them to understand your needs as a customer and therefore complete your project to your requirements, without fuss or delay.


We think that his opinion about LAX Products is very valuable and honest, but please read the text yourself:

Had to email you after listening to the LAX products on Monday evening, I think the last time I was this excited was when I found a tenner in the back pocket of some old jeans I was about to throw out

I have listened to most line array products out there on the market, installed quite a few, but I was blown away by the ATL108 , with the ATL15B sub. How a box with a single 8inch driver, and 1 inch compression can deliver the spl that it did is amazing, not just that but with complete transparency and accuracy ! Stacks of thwack being delivered whenever the snare drum kicked in, and a brilliant warm , crystal clear response over the vocal spectrum, what more can a boy want ! This coupled with great easy intuitive flyware, and a jaw dropping great price, has to make this a serious contender against certain French manufacturers, I can`t wait to hear the rest of the range.

I was equally impressed with the little  U06 box, coupled with the U10B sub, again extraordinary spl for such a small system, and a fantastic bass response, and again a superlative vocal response, it actually sounds better than the studio monitors I have !

The CK08, CK12, and CK15b , do a job of work, and I think they are priced really well to take on many cabinets of that ilk. I was also really impressed with the amplifiers and processer, but forgot to get some prices off you.

All in all, a very impressive range of products, extremely well made, and affordable, more bang for your buck ! I will certainly be suggesting these for my next projects, and will also purchase some for my own stock.

I will stop the drool fest now, and get some Kleenex, most impressed !


We had goose bump after reading this text, and once again we see that LAX Europe is on the exact right way. Thanks to Lighting Resources and Mark Dorney, it must have been an extraordinary demo by a great technician. We say thank you Will for those honest and valuable words and thank you Lighting Resources for spreading LAX all over UK and Ireland!

If you want to get a demo from Lighting Resources please contact:
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if you want to contact Will:
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